Helping Hands Foundation

Since the spring of 1962, L.I. Adventureland has earned the reputation as being the leader in family fun within the Long Island community. With a convenient location, dozens of adult and kiddie rides, an expansive arcade, tasty treats and over fifty years of experience, Adventureland has established themselves as a local landmark, serving guests from all over Long Island and the tri-state area.

In addition to all the amenities we offer our guests as a full service family amusement park, Adventureland is active in local philanthropy and is often a source for fundraising. Hundreds of donation requests from local PTAs, Boy and Girl Scout troops, religious organizations, civic associations, hospitals, youth centers and national non-profit organizations are received each year, and each year we gladly show our support. Adventureland also welcomes the opportunity to host fundraising events for local organizations, like Nassau-Suffolk Services for Autism, Narcotics Anonymous, Half Hollow Hills Foundation and Girl Scout Service Units across Long Island.

Despite all the success organizations have had with the use of our donations and through hosting private events at Adventureland, we feel there is much more to be done in order for these community groups to reach their potential. L.I. Adventureland’s Helping Hands Foundation was created by Adventureland to maximize our involvement in helping these local organizations meet their goals.

The Helping Hands Foundation intends to support organizations in their missions in three ways. Firstly, we intend to pioneer a network of support between local businesses and local non-profits by matching organizational ideals with corporate responsibility goals. Using our grounds as a venue, hosting events that would bring non-profits and local businesses together is a perfect way to begin building the network between these two groups. Because L.I. Adventureland’s Donation Department has numerous long-standing relationships with many non-profit organizations throughout the community, we have a viable source of non-profits in need to incorporate into these types of events. Similarly, over our fifty years in operation we have developed very strong relationships with other local businesses, including radio stations, television stations and professional sports teams.

Secondly, the Helping Hands Foundation intends to increase awareness about local issues and support local initiatives. Using Adventureland’s centralized location and existing business relationships, we will increase local organizations’ visibility in the community. By incorporating them into our marketing material, on our website and in our park, we will ensure that the local issues are being heard. Helping Hands will also be making monetary donations to local organizations through fundraising and sponsorship. Donations will be made to organizations that need assistance creating and maintaining project startups.

Finally, L.I. Adventureland’s Helping Hands Foundation wishes to provide educational resources to community residents through the form of scholarships. As the cost of college continually increases, so does the importance of a college education. Through the creation of a scholarship program, Helping Hands intends to offset some of the expenses of pursuing a college degree for Long Island High School seniors and Long Island college students.

L.I. Adventureland is excited and eager to become more active in the community that has made us a part of their families for over fifty years. Through the creation of the Helping Hands Foundation, we feel we can finally give Long Island organizations the chance to reach their potential and make Long Island the best it can be.