Daily Pass (P.O.P.) & Season Pass

Daily Pass (P.O.P.):

  • Pay One Price (P.O.P.) is for One Person and cannot be shared.
  • Every rider needs tickets or a P.O.P. bracelet to ride.
  • Adults accompanying children on rides need to have a P.O.P. bracelet or single tickets.
  • P.O.P. bracelets must be place on rider's wrist, ankle or belt loop by an Adventureland representative.
  • P.O.P. bracelet will become void if removed.
  • P.O.P. bracelets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Online P.O.P. purchases are valid only during normal operating hours.
  • Not valid during private, fundraising, or group events.

Purchase Daily Pass (P.O.P.)

2017 Season Pass Holders can Experience:

  • Over 100 days of unlimited rides!
  • Discounts on souvenir Soda and Popcorn cups
  • 15% Saving in the Midway Market Place and 3 Generations Sweet Shop
  • Valid for the 2017 Egg Scramble and Pumpkin Park

Season Passes purchase in the park are $139.99

Remember, Season Pass Holders will not be admitted without their Season Pass card! Season Passes may not be valid during private or fundraising events. Please see all Season Pass Rules and Regulations by selecting the Purchase Season Pass link below.

Adventureland Amusement Park located in Farmingdale, New York Season Pass Holder must be present when registering for Season Pass

Season Pass Policy:

  • Season Pass Holders will not receive a P.O.P. bracelet without possession of their Season Pass card.
  • The Season Pass is for valid for one person only.
  • The Season Pass cannot be shared, or it will be revoked without a refund.
  • The Season Pass is valid for one season only.
  • Management reserves the right to terminate the Season Pass at any time with no refund.
  • Lost, damaged or forgotten Season Passes will be replaced for $20.00 per Season Pass.
  • The Season Pass is valid during normal operating hours.
  • The Season Pass will not be valid for private or fundraising events. Please check with your organization.

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