Park Policies

Rules and restrictions


  • Park closing time is subject to change without notice.
  • Line cutting is cause of ejection from the park.
  • Use of profane language or gestures will be cause of ejection from the park.

Rides: POP bands and tickets

  • Anyone riding the rides MUST have tickets or POP including parents accompanying children.
  • All riders must be present at ticket booths to receive POP bracelet.
  • Only a ticket booth representative can put a POP bracelet on a guest's wrist.
  • All Birthday Party guests and/or group leaders must have tickets or POP to ride.
  • Sorry, there are NO refunds on POP bracelets or tickets.

Rides: Restrictions

  • Certain rides have Height Restrictions which are posted at the ticket booth windows. Please check these restrictions before waiting on lines.
  • To ensure their safety and well being guests with certain disabilities are prohibited from some rides & attractions

Rain Policy: Rain Checks

  • Rain Policy- Adventureland may temporarily suspend operations due to changes in the weather conditions. In the event the park closes, Rain Checks are as follows: UNDER 3 HOURS-FULL PRICE COMP
  • Bracelets must be surrendered at Ticket Booth to receive a Rain Check
  • Rain Checks will not be issued without surrendering the bracelet.

Safety Rules

  • Proper attire- for your safety, proper footwear is required upon entering the park. Open-toed sandals/shoes or flip flops are discouraged on any amusement ride or attraction in the park. Shirts and shoes must be worn at all times while visiting the park. Clothing with profane or offensive wording will not be allowed. Park entry may be denied if clothing is deemed inappropriate for our family atmosphere.

Not Allowed

  • Pets are not permitted in the park. Unless checked in by security and approved as a service animal.
  • Season Pass holders must abide by all park rules or risk revocation of their season pass without refund
  • Picnicking is not permitted anywhere in the park. For safety reasons, barbeque fires are not permitted. Coolers, food or beverages may not be brought into the park or parking lots
  • Paging is not permitted. Personal announcements and pages cannot be broadcast in the park. Pre-arranged meeting places should be planned BEFORE you begin your visit.
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