Adventureland is Going Green

Adventureland’s Green Initiative began in 2006, and continues to expand each year. Through the installation of innovative energy saving products such as LED light bulbs and modules, solar panels and HID lights, Adventureland is on track to become not only one of the largest green companies on Long Island, but the most environmentally friendly family amusement park in the nation.



  • Created the Adventureland App for iPhones to reduce the need for guests to print coupons and use paper brochures.
  • Added to and maintained our fleet of energy efficient light modules and solar panels


  • Solar VIP Parking Carport installed to increase our energy production
  • Wave Swing Goes Green with 973 energy efficient LED light modules
  • Whopper and Long Range Basketball Game go green with 833 energy efficient LED light modules
  • Restaurant goes green with 553 energy efficient LED light modules


  • 228 energy producing solar panels/50 kwatt solar system installed to help power our maintenance facility
  • 74 energy efficient florescent bulbs installed in our maintenance facility
  • Train Station Goes Green with 11,000 energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Kiddie City Gazebo Goes Green with 12,000 energy efficient LED bulbs


  • Ferris Wheel Goes Green with 10,600 energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Restaurant Patio Goes Green with 12 Compact Florescent Light Bulbs


  • Wave Swings Goes Green with 1,404 energy efficient LED bulbs
  • Frisbee Goes Green with 1,100 Low Wattage Light Bulbs


  • Music Express Goes Green with 3,750 energy efficient LED bulbs


  • Merry Go Round Goes Green with 1,100 energy efficient LED bulbs


  • Recycle bins for cans and bottles placed throughout the park


  • Marquis Sign by Route 110 entrance Goes Green with 9,000 energy efficient LED bulbs