Great July Fourth Hotspots in New York

July 4th is right around the corner. Add some extra spark and sizzle to this coming Fourth of July celebrations by spending the day at Adventureland Amusement Park. As one of Long Island’s longest running premier attraction, kids and adults can celebrate the day with hours of fun-filled outdoor activities, delicious food, and tasty snacks and beverages.

A day at Adventureland is like no other with something to do for all ages that include outdoor games, arcade, water rides and tons of amusement park thrill rides. From the moment you arrive until it’s time to go home, every second is booked with exciting entertainment.

Thrill Rides

Celebrate Independence Day with a ride on the Turbulence Coaster, the newest addition to Adventureland. This speedy new twisting roller coaster is the tallest on Long Island and the only one that spins as the coaster cars reach each turn at high speeds. Everyone will be squealing, screaming, and laughing throughout the heart-pounding ride.

You’ll definitely get your “scare” on at the Ghost House where you never know what spooky thing awaits around each corner. Riders are free as a breeze in the swinging Pirate Ship and whirl and twirl on the Frisbee. For more ups and downs, hold on tight on the Musik Express or test your driving skills with the classic and favorite Bumper Cars.

There’s plenty of fun for kids and families with other classic rides like Ferris Wheel, Merry-Go-Round, Lady Bug Coaster, Wave Swing, and more. For the youngest visitors, there’s kiddie rides galore with Alfie’s Swing, Kiddie Carousel, Tea Cups, and Pirate Island, to name a few that will have your little ones smiling for days.

Water Activities

After a day of experiencing thrilling or classic attractions, cool off on one of Adventureland’s refreshing water rides. Hold on tight as you drop down on a exhilarating log flume on Adventure Falls, navigate your way through crocodile infested waters, or younger ones can enjoy a dip on the Little Dipper. For children’s safety, height requirements and restrictions are in effect for all rides.


Take your pick from a variety of entertaining and mind-boggling games and test how well you play. You even have a chance to win fabulous prizes.

Outdoor Games

Games, games, and more games are on the midway to test your playing action and win prizes. From balloon dart and goblet toss, to rope climb and basketball, precision counts.

Let the fun continue with Adventureland being the “go to” destination for summer fun and group trips. With on-going attractions and activities designed for all ages, add Adventureland Amusement Park to your entertainment itinerary making it the number one attraction for summer destinations in New York. Adventureland welcomes all types of groups. Call Adventureland (631) 494-2557 today for more information about group rates and specials.