Corporate Events/Partnerships

Since the spring of 1962, L.I. Adventureland has earned the reputation as being the leader in family fun within the Long Island community. With a convenient location, dozens of adult and kiddie rides, an expansive arcade, tasty treats and over fifty years of experience, Adventureland has established itself as a local landmark, serving guests from all over Long Island and the tri-state area.

While Adventureland’s nostalgia is ever-present in our classic rides, like the Ferris Wheel, Carousel and Train, our constant innovative drive can be seen in our green energy initiative, social media presence, Helping Hands Foundation and our new for 2015 custom Mack Rides Rollercoaster, Turbulence. This state of the art spinning rollercoaster is the fastest, tallest and most family friendly coaster ever to reside at

2245 Broadhollow Road. Furthermore, Turbulence will be the first coaster of its kind on Long Island, and will offer riders a unique trip along the tracks every time, as each car spins independently of each other to give riders three hundred and sixty degrees of thrills.