1National Roller Coaster Day Press Release 2017

On Wednesday, August 16th, Long Island Adventureland will be celebrating National Roller Coaster day with FREE rides on both of their two awesome coasters for guests who donate to the park’s annual school supply drive. That’s right; FREE rides on Turbulence and the Lady Bug all dayfor guests that donate school supplies on Wednesday, August 16th

The Turbulence Coaster was added to the local landmark park in the summer of 2015, and continues to be a favorite among adults and children. The cars on this custom-made Mack coaster spin freely as theytravel the tracks, giving riders 360 degrees of thrills and a unique experience every time they ride.

The Lady Bug Coaster is a kiddie coaster that packs a punch. Speeding around the track, this red coaster brings smiles and laughs to all who experience it. The memories on the Lady Bug are captured on camera and prints, souvenir gifts, and digital downloads are available for purchase.

School supply donations will be accepted from 11am until 10pm on August 16th at Adventureland,and they will benefit Adventureland’s Helping Hands Foundation’s annual School Supply Drive. This drive supports local students in need. Only new, unopened items will be accepted.

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