Little Dipper

Water Rides

Take a refreshing DIP on the Little Dipper

Ride Facts

  • 4 tickets per person / POP bracelet
  • Must be over 44 inches to ride alone
  • Must be over 36 inches to ride with an adult
  • Photo stand on board!
  • Wet Ride!

For kiddies to cool off, splash around on the Little Dipper Log Flume. This pint-sized water slide is located on the edge of Kidde Land, between the Carousel and Crocodile Run.

Riders must be at least 36 inches tall to enjoy this ride with an adult or 44 inches tall to ride alone.

Please keep in mind as with all the rides at Adventureland, an adult is someone 18 years old or older, and all riders, including the adult accompanying a child, must have tickets or a Pay One Price (POP) unlimited riding bracelet to ride. The Little Dipper Log Flume requires either the POP bracelet or 4 single tickets per person.

The Little Dipper also features a Photo Stand that catches all the smiles and screams on camera! The camera snaps a photo as you splash down the lift, and you can purchase souvenir gifts like a photo snow globes and keychains, and prints in all sizes in souvenir frames. You can even purchase digital access to your photos to share the online with family and friends and on social media. Remember to tag @adventurelandli for Twitter and Instagram posts, and Long Island Adventureland for Facebook posts.

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