Summer camps for kids in New York

Summer camps are a tradition amongst the kids of America. There is just something so thrilling about the end of the school year rolling around and getting the opportunity to partake in fun activities with your peers. It also gives the parents a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of having to ensure that their child is entertained all of the time. Now, of course there are plenty of summer camps in New York. All of them offer something completely different. Nothing is as exciting as a theme park though.

Adventureland, based in Long Island, entertains summer camps from all over the state and beyond. This gorgeous theme park is packed to the brim with all sorts of rides and attractions for children of all ages. This means that there is plenty to do here for just about anybody. Summer camps tend to get a good discount on travel to the theme park too. This means that any parent who sends their child here should be able to get a fairly decent price.

Choosing Affordable Summer Camps in New York

When choosing summer camps you need to be sure that you are sending your child to a place that they are going to enjoy. As mentioned already, Adventureland is packed to the brim with activities for absolutely everybody. This includes a number of rides as well as a massive arcade full of the latest digital arcade games. It is VERY unlikely that somebody will not have fun here. On top of all of this, summer camp school groups events which attend the theme park will be able to try out some absolutely delicious food. The kids love it. This is why they return time and time again.

Summer Camps Groups

Of course, you could always take your child to a place like this on your own. However you still have to work in the summer, so why not leave them in the hands of somebody that is responsible? It also means that your child is going to be able to enjoy the activities with somebody who is a bit more their age. Summer groups events also tend to get on the rides and other amusements far quicker than others too. This means that they will be able to pack far more into the day. You can be certain that they are going to come through your door at the end of the day completely tired from the amount of fun that they had! Don’t forget to give them money for the gift shop so they can get you a present from their day out!

Summer Camp Group Trips

Summer is around the corner and there’s no better destination than Adventureland Amusement Park for summer camps, day camps, childrens groups, youth groups, girls scouts, and boy scouts. Adventureland offers the perfect amusement park experience for camps and groups to enjoy the fun and excitement with additional savings. Group meal plan options are also available to make dining for guests quick and easy. Summer camp guests of all ages can enjoy the Adventureland thrill rides, kiddie rides, and family rides from bumper cars to roller coasters or merry-go-round to car rides and more. Kids groups and summer camp groups will love visiting Adventureland to enjoy the fun amusement park experience with their friends. There’s lots of fun and thrilling amusement park rides for childrens groups and summer camp groups to enjoy. If it gets too hot guests can cool off on Adventureland’s water rides like Adventureland Falls, Little Dipper, and Crocodile Run. Or take a break from the action in Adventureland’s state-of-the-art and air conditioned Arcade with everyone’s favorite arcade games and a chance to win tons of great prizes. Kids can also win tons of prizes from Adventureland’s Outdoor Games like Balloon Dart, Basketball, Water Race and more. Guests can also visit the Adventureland Gift Shops for the latest and greatest toys and Adventureland souvenirs. Contact Adventureland’s Group Sales team for details and reservations to get your group booked at Adventureland this summer. Adventureland also offers the Ultimate Amusement Park experience for guests to enjoy Adventureland privately and exclusively for their group event. Ask the Adventureland Group Sales Team how your group can privately reserve Adventureland to yourselves today for a fun and memorable experience that everyone will cherish and remember forever!

Summer Camp groups and Children’s groups planning to visit Adventureland, Long Island’s favorite amusement park can contact the Group Sales team at 631-694-6868 or visit for group reservations and sales information.

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