Technology Day Details


Dear Fellow Educator,

Thank you for your interest in Technology Day. A common question many people ask is, “What is this event all about?”

Please read on to find out more…..

This out of classroom experience was developed by both the Nassau and Suffolk Technology Education Educators’ Associations for seventh grade students. It serves as an introduction to the Technical World, through the students’ investigation of the various rides at the amusement park. A workbook with activity sheets guides students through the learning process as they observe, record time, sketch, and calculate specific aspects of the rides. Yes, they go on the rides as well!

This four hour event at the park provides enough time to complete the workbook, have lunch and go on a few more rides just for fun. The average time at the park is 9:30 AM – 1:30 PM. To further understand the “Big Picture”, read through THE PROCESS below. Please also use the links provided to find more information about how to get your school involved in this memorable fall event.


REGISTRATION – There are two types of registrations: pre-registration takes place in the spring and regular registration is any time after June 30th and up until the end of September. Pre-registration reserves a spot for the school and offers a discounted student rate for the rides.

WORKBOOK – Upon receipt of your final payment, we will send you the workbook, which includes Activity Sheets for each of the rides available on Technology Day. In the past, there has been an average of twelve rides available. You would then review the workbook and select the Activity Sheets that best suit your curriculum (usually, five or six is adequate). Your custom-tailored workbook would then be ready to copy and review with your classes.  Each activity sheet contains “Extensions” which are completed back in the classroom after Technology Day. These are demonstrations and/or activities incorporating the use of simple tools and materials to create models that reinforce the concepts learned during Technology Day.

TEACHER PRE-EVENT WORKSHOP -Before the event, you can register to attend a guided tour of Adventureland. At each available ride, the ins and outs of the Activity Sheets will be explained. So, by the end of the tour, you can become an “instant expert”. By attending, you will also receive some teaching aids to take back to your classroom that further explain the concepts behind how the rides work.

TECHNOLOGY DAY – Arrive with your students and be ready for a day of learning and fun. Enjoy lunch in the restaurant on us because Chaperones Eat For Free!!!!! Be sure to take some good photos to promote your trip back at your school. The weather may not always be the best, which is why we have backup rain dates.

AFTER THE EVENT -Incorporate a creative method to review the Activity Sheets with your students at a time you feel is appropriate. Try some of the Extensions as well. Still have unanswered questions??? … Use the links below for further information.

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